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     Templar Knights Motorcycle Club members consist of: current & retired Law Enforcement, active & retired Military,  Plus many others, of like-minded individuals.   Templar Knight members promote & possess the highest moral and ethical values with uncompromising integrity, trust and dedication. 

     Templar Knights share a common bond and meet as a group and ride motorcycles. As a Templar Knight our Honor is: Our Faith to God, Our families, Our work, and respect for our club and it's members. In that order.

     Templar Knights are supportive of all public service personal. We are active in charitable causes and fundraising efforts. We support our Veterans, Police, Firefighters, and EMS personal and others alike, and their families.

     We are a neutral organization. We claim NO territory. If you choose to fit into any of the above categories, come and join the Templar Knights. Ride with us in our Noble causes. 


   In Hoc Signo Vinces



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